News · 21/10/2013

Code Protector – Ready for Sale !

Code Protector is a simple and straightforward password manager, is designed specifically for iOS7. Moreover Code protector has got an expanded password generator so if you don’t have an idea for a strong password this application will generate it for you !! You can store your passwords on the device or iCloud, is up to you which option will you choose.

Code Protector not only keeps your passwords but also has got many features that will help you to use them:

– You can send various passwords to the mail
– You can copy them to the clipboard

You can protect applications by the special pin number so that no one else could read your passwords even if you lost your device!

So why overpay?! We have got the Code Protector 🙂

Download now from AppStore !

Code Protector Code Protector Code Protector Code Protector Code Protector